Ana Golubović

Yoga instructor; Holistic / Intuitive coach

po struci dipl.inženjer industrijskog menadžmenta. Udata, živi i radi u Gracu. Priča tečno engleski i nemački. Radi u privatnoj kompaniji za proizvodnju software-a u delu vodjenja i kordinacije projekata. Pored toga završila je sledeće obuke i seminare u cilju razvoja i otkivanja svrhe:
In 2012, she embarks on the path of self-knowledge and getting acquainted with yoga, an ancient Indian discipline. Practicing yoga asanas and meditation has become commonplace. Two years later, in 2014, she came to the "Yoga Center" in Sombor, where she finished a seminar as a yoga instructor with Ana Ninković and Fabijan Periškić. That year she officially became a certified yoga instructor. Then she continues to do yoga with her mentor and friend Zeljka Zdravkovic in Bor, Serbia.
Immediately the following year, 2015, she went to Sombor again and learned about the ancient Chinese tradition of exercise - "Chi gong" from instructor Miloš Ninković and Slobodan Bulat. She gained insights into how physical movements affect human health and how important relaxation is for the proper functioning of human organs. She get information about the connection between colors, emotions, internal organs and how through Chi gong we can release emotions and release the body of accumulated stress.
In 2016, starts her interest in the mental part, structure of the personality and human psyche itself. How our thoughts and way of thinking affect ourselves. She enrolled in the "Holistic program LENS" with Sonja Simonovska from Vienna. After successfully passing the practical part, which consists of 14 days of active work and learning, she received the "Holistic Coach LENS" certificate. At that seminar, she also gained knowledge about Quantum Transformation, and how to quickly and easily get answers based on this two-point model (problem and solution). This technique also originates from the ancient teachings of Kahunas, Hawaiian shamans and can be very well combined with other techniques, deepens intuition and in a very simple way through Quantum Waves the response is transmitted to the recipients.
In 2017, at a progressive weekend workshop in Vienna with American neuroscientist, researcher doctor Joe Dispensa, with the help of purposefully created meditations, she experiences awakening of kundalini energy. This experience only deepens her intuition even more and helps her to feel both her emotions and to understand and feel other people more easily.
In 2018, she is enrolling in the two-part seminar "Reading from the Morphic Field" with Sonja Simonovska. Morphic fields are energy information fields, discovered and first introduced by the English biologist Rupert Sheldrake. After five months of intensive work, she received a certificate and the opportunity to read and receive information from morphic fields, both for herself and for other people, with the help of specially created techniques.
In 2019, the road leads her to Dr. Lee Imširagić. She will complete her program "Intuitive and success coaching" in 2020. The program was created by dr. Lee intends to help women find their business purpose.
In the end, the method of her work is a comprehensive practice of all the above energy techniques, through chakra cleansing to NLP and all with the help of intuition and feeling, as a basic tool to help other people come to answer to all their questions.
She successfully combines all the above techniques, primarily on herself, and then in working with other people.
She is doing coaching programs, organizes workshops, and in her work emphasizes the spiritual development and connection with the universal field. She practices and teaches several spiritual techniques.
She loves to travel, adventures, enjoys dancing and is a fan of philosophy and astrology.